Group and individual supervision

Supervision is offered to sexologist (sex therapist) as well as other professionals (psychotherapist, couples & family therapist, social workers etc.)  that want to increase their knowledge and therapeutic skills.

sexologue psychotherapeute

Theoretical approaches

  • Existential-humanist
  • Systemic-Interactional (Sexual Crucible from David Schnarch)
  • Sexocorporel


Subjects that can be explored in supervision

  • Understand the etiology of sexual difficulties and their treatment
  • Explore difficulties that can be faced in a private practice
  • Establish and solidify your therapeutic style
  • Better utilize therapeutic tools and concepts (Normal Marital Sadism, LDP & HDP positions, couple alliances, self-validation intimacy, etc.)
  • Recognize difficult aspects and limits of your therapeutic skills
  • Avoid compassion fatigue by elaborating preventive strategies
  • Improve mind-mapping abilities with clients in therapy
  • Explore notions of resonance, transfer and counter-transfer
  • Reflect on ethical aspects in your practice
  • Help start your private practice or expand upon your services


Specialities in supervision

  • Couple’s therapy
  • Differences in levels of sexual desire
  • Rapid ejaculation
  • Seduction skills (Flirting)
  • Nice guy syndrome
  • Different relationship status (polyamorous, open relationship, swinging, kink, etc.)
  • Ethical questions concerning money, marketing and therapeutic impacts
  • Clinical supervision


Expectations in supervision

  • Capacity to surpass and overcome discomfort in therapy
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Recognition of resistance and self-confrontation
  • Openness to reflect on self in their professional practice.


 Professional career of supervisor

  • Diploma of bachelor degree in sexology at UQAM 2010.
  • Diploma of Master degree in clinical sexology at UQAM 2012.
  • Workshop leader: Learning marketing skills in psychotherapy: Ethical, therapeutic and legal aspects.
  • Teacher in courses such as Counselling I & II, Sexuality and Professionalism, Client-Therapist Relationship, Ethics and Law and General Psychology.
  • Public and health professional speaker on sexual education
  • Media participation (TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper).
  • Private practice in sexology and psychotherapy.
  • 45 hour university training course in clinical supervision in sexual therapy at UQAM.

Participates in various professional workshops about clinical supervision