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Frank Renaud – Clinical Director & Supervisor

I am a sex therapist psychotherapist who graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the University of Québec in Montreal (UQAM). I have followed various workshops related to sexology and I am a member of the “Ordre professional of sex therapist of Québec” (OPSQ) and the “Association of sex therapist of Québec” (ASQ). I have a psychotherapist permit given by the “Ordre des Psychologues du Québec”(OPQ) and a certification to evaluate sexual difficulties emitted by the OPSQ. I have specialized in couples therapy to help people in their relationships and sex lives.  I also offer individual therapy for sexual, emotional and relationship issues. You can also consult my blog and webseries on various topics on sexuality and relationships. I became a clinical director and supervisor in 2017.

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sex therapist psychotherapist montreal

sextherapist montreal

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sex therapist montreal

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